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AdSigma - Next Generation Advertising Platform Blockchain Technology

What is AdSigma?

AdSigma is the next generation leading digital display advertising platform blockchain technology to revolutionize digital display ad space.

AdSigma aims to destroy existing digital ad space and address significant issues it faces, such as unreasonable commissions, lack of negotiating power and lack of choice for publishers and advertisers. In an industry where advertising networks generate revenues of more than $ 200 billion, AdSigma recognizes the need to provide an alternative platform that works for advertisers and publishers with ZERO commissions.

All ADSI token holders should benefit from quality services and will benefit from various privileges to keep our tokens. We strongly believe in the idea and we believe in our vision. With our team members from different sectors such as finance, software development, digital advertising and blockchain / cryptography, AdSigma has achieved a competitive market position and AdSigma is ready to turn its vision into reality.

Our team is on an ambitious mission: to create a global system for restructuring existing settings in the online advertising business model by removing existing intermediary needs in the form of ad networks, and helping publishers and advertisers get the most out of online advertising. We want to provide the benefits that publishers and advertisers receive from the ad network but without making them pay for it and let them enjoy the privilege of a shared B2B model.

We aim to replace the advertising network industry, which has annual revenues of more than $ 200 billion and is increasing consistently. Because we believe in the power of open source projects, we want to help this economy operate on its own without Ad Network intervention and ultimately at the cost of a Zero commission. We want advertisers to receive better results from ads and publishers to get higher results. With authenticity, irreversibility and validity, blockchain will help us achieve our vision.

More information on: https://adsigma.io/

AdSigma is powered by ADSI tokens ADSi will be used by publishers and advertisers on the AdSigma platform to buy and sell advertising space. ADSi can be kept in an Ethereum portfolio that is ERC20 compliant.

AdSigma Token (ADSI)

The AdSigma token (ADSI) is a utility token that can be used to purchase digital display advertising on web properties / apps, and publishers can monetize their apps / websites using AdSigma platform (are paid in the ADSi token). The platform is based on the Ethereum Smart Contracts, which guarantee secure transactions based on the parameters set by the participants (advertisers and publishers) themselves. Blockchain technology ensures that only one entity can not control the platform. This decentralized system prevents the possibility of any manipulation of data and ensures that nobody can interfere with transactions or give preferences or privileges to an advertiser or publisher compared to another. The network is verified and managed by each participant and by everyone participants together.

More information on: https://adsigma.io/


The existing model of digital display advertising is becoming increasingly unfavorable for publishers and advertisers, mainly due to the presence of advertising networks. Ad networks have revenues of over $ 220 billion a year, which earn commission as the online advertising fee and account for over 40% of total online advertising spend. Because of the unjustified higher tariffs, the lack of flexibility in price quotation, the lack of negotiating capacity between the publisher and the advertiser, delays in revenue due to the minimum withdrawal limit clause and various other reasons, it is a platform alternative is needed.


AdSigma aims to restructure the existing agreement in the business model by eliminating the need for existing intermediaries in the form of ad networks and helps publishers and advertisers get the most out of online ads. AdSigma is creating a decentralized network using blockchain technology to overcome all the problems of the traditional online advertising structure and to benefit advertisers and publishers.

More information on: https://adsigma.io/

Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3138572
Whitepaper: https://adsigma.io/assets/whitepaper/adsigma-whitepaper.pdf
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Telegram: AdSigma

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