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MoBee - Best Virtual Mobile Operator

MoBee рrоjесt offers сrурtосоmmunitу MBE that tоkеn whiсh is bасkеd rеаllу bу mobile phones ѕеr- viсеѕ аnd is bаѕеd оn fаѕt capitalization іn increase ѕubѕсribеr bаѕе аnd dеm to mоbilе services on gеnеrаl.

The MBE Token is an internal payment media for the MoBee ecosystem and is intended for all types of operations. This makes it a key economic factor of MoBee.

We offer tokens that are powered by mobile communication resources, such as voice traffic and the internet. MBE Tokens will be converted to other cryptocurrencies and exchanged with mobile services for yourself, your friends and acquaintances.

The services offered on mobile phones consist of various intermediaries, in which network operators employ many third parties for the fulfillment of various cellular services offered by mobile operators. Growth in mobile adoption worldwide has prompted countries to take various regulatory and standard measures to create a transparent communication system.

In the short term, everyone around the world has been completely satisfied with the need to change the value that it may have and certainly with the issue of a complete revision of their costs. This can be attributed to the speedy results of traditional technology saying that with packages showing that there are larger, but lower yields.
Moneybox InStream offers MoBee customers the possibility to get mobile services in exchange for an MBE token as well as additional opportunities to manage funds in customer accounts. This simple and effective solution has been developed to meet the common interests of customers, mobile operators, and telecom experts.

Solutions Offered

MOBETEEL offers to build virtual network operators based on blockchain technology. The three key stakeholders of this platform are mobile operators, customers and telecom community experts. The NetWorx platform is built for mobile network operators. The virtual operator's job is to offer operator traffic services. Customers using virtual MOBEE operators will have better mobile services with cryptocurrency payment options. Cashback and loyalty programs exist on the platform for ongoing use of services offered by operators.

Development Device

The project will be developed in the following areas:
- Growing customer base and coverage
- Expand the list of services offered to customers
- Growing number of NetWorx platform participants
- Growing number of partner networks
- Integration of third-party services into DiStream money boxes

Our project is open for cooperation: other telecom market players are welcome to join.

According to our estimates, 150-200 cellular operations worldwide may be interested in the MoBee ecosystem services. They account for about 25-30% of the potential market and can generate equivalent fiat volumes of USD 9 billion per year.


From Mobee Increase the number of crypto currency users from a few tens of millions to

MOBEE Objective

The mobee goal is to create a virtual mobile operator using cryptocurrency for payment. Each mobile operator's virtual carrier is based on other carrier traffic. Mobee is a simple and more useful solution for all virtual operators MoBee will receive voice and internet traffic through Net-platform conversations governing and managing the market for infrastructure maintenance services in Indonesia

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