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OTPPAY is an abbreviation of Omni Token Platform for Payments. OTPPAY will be the largest platform in the world where all major crypto assets can be bought, traded, and even make payments to merchants at low cost directly or escrow based. This escrow common point is the merchant bridge with fiat convection. through our innovative artificial intelligence and machine based learning / transaction matching engine will convert any cryptocurrency to OTPPAY tokens and OTPPAY tokens to the fiat currency just in time.

OTPPAY is a unique payment platform, which will have how to use their favorite cryptocurrency to pay vendors / merchants instantly. We provide vendors with the security and convenience of receiving funds in the currency of the currency. One can even change the primary payment option of each crypto currency into OTPPAY tokens or fiat currency instantly, thereby protecting them from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Our OTPPAY security system will be designed with a blend of traditional fiat currency security standards and the latest blockchain technology.

We will act as a catalyst to enable timely cross-border trading of e-commerce and business transactions that will reduce the dependence of forex media. Our solution will disrupt the forex / cross-border financial markets instantly. Our API will interact with the global eKYC interface and ledger to avoid anti-social transactions. Our data mining infrastructure will help us build a suspicious, negative database of suspicious transactions and block them in the future, saving crypto miners time & money. In the near future, our AI-powered smart engine will be used to frame the Crypto Credit Rating (CCR) system, where merchants and users will benefit from the OTPPAY Gift feature.

We are a team of developers, engineers, artists, fixers, economists and early users who work around the clock to build a sustainable crypto economy. We think, design, test, build, and go to market. We recognize the needs of consumer innovation, that's how OTPPAY is imagined. Whether you are trading crypto or making a crypto payment, this is your one stop solution. We strive for openness, trust and innovation, but most importantly we strive to be a meaningful contribution to our customers. OTPPAY: Omni Token Platform for payments, we are developing to bridge the gap between instant crypto payments to fiat. Our vision for transparency is translated not only into our technology but also our corporate culture. We believe in sharing, creating and bringing value to one another.

If you interest, come and join. And more information:

Website: https://otppay.io/#
Whitepaper: https://otppay.io/Assets/otppay-whitepaper/OTPPAY_White_paper_v1.1.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/otppay
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Otppay/
Telegram: https://t.me/otppaychat

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