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SAPIEN: Real Platform

Existing social media networks give users the impression that they are in complete control of their data, but in fact they provide a single authorized service to one's information.

People, even without blinking the eye, sign and agree to a privacy policy that gives these companies the power to use this data as they see fit. This is very detrimental to personal privacy and has increased the desire of social media users to take back the authority over their personal data and how it is distributed. Nor does anyone stop them from using this information for their own financial gain.

Sapien is a highly customizable and democratic social news platform that can be appreciated by millions of content creators and midlevel creators. Sapien creates an SPN-supported development platform to provide a variety of applications and allows external users to use our user base. Sapien supports valid cryptography for ERC20 called SPN. Networks of sapiens are growing rapidly, involving market, integration, and third-party applications.

SPN is an integrated currency, which gives us the opportunity to buy applications from all integrated applications. This new application can be easily integrated with the SPN with the Sapien API, which is very likely the user to move as well as shopping with SPN.

SPN makes integrated markets and integrates virtual goods purchased with integrated applications into real world values. The SPN creates a new dimension for the user with the application integrated with the SPN. Our intent is to create a global reputation network on all of SPN's integrated bases to counter fake news everywhere.

They describe themselves with that step. But surely this is a general meaning. We will also break it down in more detail later in our writing. I will also try to tell you about this problem. The SPN team is so assertive; So he goes into the bow, he says he will also be the best in his own part.

SPN intends to make decisions on the purpose of the time the destination is targeted. There are predicted 2, 3 billion users of social media. This amount will also reach 3 billion in 202 th .. Many innovations and routines and trends will also try to express themselves more easily in this frame, while at the same time they want to do all this fun while increasing the need also will be privacy and security. will also make it easy to create and transfer new items inside and outside the base. Fake news because it has such a false news belief system in Blockchain will also be so lightened.

SPN will also increase the development potential for expansion and adoption of the base from arbitrary fluctuations in the crypto market, which will also be the backbone of every social movement and ongoing movement.

The content creator will also have the right tools to get real gifts without being used by a centralized organization. With that, everyone will also work like a media organ, so it's not necessary to use it in this sort of thing to affiliate anywhere. Using the latest Blockchain technology, we dream of creating a base free of censorship, creating a free speech protection, and respecting privacy.

Centralized networks like Google and Facebook and some other companies control the huge flow of data on the internet as well as our personal data as each one becomes a single entity that manages account access and what is shared publicly or privately. The experience of online social networking is more than just connecting personally, it's also about interacting with the pages people have created.

There are several options available and some have decent products and some are still under development. Today, most are slow, small and expensive and vary with their structure and approach to social media.

Once you have an overview of the values and features in Sapien. You also need to know some of the benefits of Sapien that distinguish it from other types of social media that are developing today. Here are the benefits of Sapien:
1. Sapien is not only concerned with popularity with trending topics. However, this platform is more focused on content with high quality and facts.
2. The award is given to users who are able to create quality and original content in the form of SPN.
3. Everyone is allowed to contribute even though it will be fixed through evaluation so that authenticity can be maintained.
4. Sapien focuses more on reducing false news and its spread by doing real work and originality. This is where the value of reputation is implemented.
5. The SPN Token is a gift to you, use it as well as you can.
6. Sapien provides the implementation of an autonomous social network without undermining the values of democracy.

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