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SmartContainers-Advanced Container Technology and IoT Sensors Integrated into the Logistics Ecosystem

One of the most important functional areas of general logistics is directly related to the movement and management of material flows. We transport logistics. In the current market situation, transport logistics play a very important role because every company interacts with the external environment. 

In the course of this interaction, there is a movement of material: raw materials from suppliers to producers, finished products from producers to intermediaries, and finished products to end users. There is a need to provide the same physical cargo movement in space in the optimal path with the smallest expenditure. This is what transport logistics does.

Currently, the logistics process is becoming more complex and branch offices get more dynamics. Full control over the supply chain can only provide "sharp" technology, depending on the needs of the industry. For this reason, shipping companies and shipping companies must implement tools that can provide operational visibility, transparency and accounting.

Shipping logistics are interested in us every day. When ordering delicious pizza or sushi, when you do not want to get caught in the cold weather, we recommend to eat warmly. No taste and flavor. In other words, a certain level of temperature support is required and this applies to many important areas of our lives, including important institutions for drug delivery and transplantation.

And for a better solution to this problem, a project called Smartcontainers is being created, which uses both considerable experience in logistics and the benefits of new block chains technology.

The project team set two important goals.

First, worldwide expansion and use of smart containers that support certain physical characteristics in the medical (pharmaceutical delivery) and food industries. Fortunately, I've worked for many years, fortunately, because I've had more than 100 patents on such discoveries for eight years in a scientific laboratory.

Second, create a distributed logistics ecosystem called LOGI CHAIN ​​that will be visible to all users. This eliminates unnecessary paper costs and lets you send e-mails for each destination.

More and more consumers are shopping online through retail chains. When e-commerce reaches its climax, the role of packet delivery services to end users is increasing. This is a completely new type of logistics chain, so transportation companies must optimize logistics to meet the needs of the modern market.

This transport logistics management platform enables information to be collected and exchanged in real time across the supply chain, enabling operators to compete in the market and control cargo shipments. With cloud technology, logistics automation enables you to reduce labor costs, optimize processes, deliver goods and load cargo, buy services, and bargain electronically for online online monitoring.

In modern society, we must always protect the environment. Only the smartest container in the transportation industry will comply with all environmental standards and corporate social responsibility standards. Safe from the point of view of environmental solutions as well as reliability.

As you can see, this project has a very ambitious and useful goal, and there are two businesses that have succeeded. To develop and promote these lucrative ideas, the company sells tokens at ICO.

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