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MEvu.bet - Investment in Gambling

What is MEVU?

MEVU Ethereum smart contract with your friends and yada globally find yourself your opponent wants to be a tool to hold. MeVU allows users to bet on different betting sites and unlike other bets. People will bet each other on smart contracts. Thanks to me, you can make your own bets and look for a competitor to follow these bets. Easy bet on sports betting on the global event network. If you are more motivated than your feelings, you may have the opportunity to find a profitable bet on the go. Because you will become a person like you against the person you bet as a bet bet company.

The betting company does not allow you to bet any type, especially if even one match in Turkey does not have a chance to play for most of the game. If you have made a bet on MVP and lost it, you will be able to make a bet based on various conditions such as 1'3 and 1'2. With MeVU, players can set their own opportunities.

MEVU wants to act as an intermediary for all types of bets among friends, not just sports betting. Who can drink the fastest yada can be embarrassed who will lose 10 pounds first. MeVU uses Ethereal network security and makes intervention unlikely to come from outside.

If possible make a bet on various topics and find yourself rivals, but the most important thing is how the winner is determined. The winner of the bet becomes final if he insists that he has lost the missing team. these people are considered fair and gain confidence and have a chance to get more competitors for the next bet. the winner is determined by a non-centralized result verification system. The owner of the MVU token will choose to determine the winning side when the winner is debated, so the winner is determined.


MEVU uses smart contracts on the Ethereum block chain to securely and transparently store player accounts and information about them, providing players with the confidence that their bets will be performed reliably and quickly, and their confidentiality will not be compromised.

MEVU makes bets cheerful, which helps the platform to compete and have a big advantage over similar projects, linking players to each other, not the player and the bookmaker. Players can set their own odds and bet on anything. Reducing the cost of traditional sports books and third parties, MEVU players enjoy a historically low rate of two percent.

Benefits gained from MeVU

1. Can be cheated in the classic betting system, the block can not be cheated at the bottom of the chain, transparent.
2. Wait a long time in the classic betting system. Money transfer with MWU is fast and close to almost zero commission.
3. Playback does not always apply to meVu, thanks to meVu every user is playing at the same time.
4. Allows private bets between people who are not in other betting systems.

The conclusion is we will build a platform that is feasible, safe and secure for you, and plan to enjoy live bets from your home and learn at the same time. With the classmen board feature, you can see the performance of other players and you can see player stats. We will increase your interest and bet experience with your friends or players from around the world; We will bring different feelings and fun in betting at the same time, and that's what you should get. We believe that blockchain technology is the most important part, we can build a platform that is safer and better than similar platforms.

For more information:

Situs resmi: https://www.mevu.bet/
Kertas putih: https://www.mevu.bet/#whitepaper
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/FKcKRUwJ1_T8zMK2Lueu3A
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mevu_bet

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