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SgamePro - First Cryptocurrency-Based Gaming System

Playing online games is one of the most popular hobbies, not just for young people. The online gaming industry, with huge investments in virtual and augmented reality and increasing availability of downloadable content, has kept players hooked. According to Nielsen, the percentage of players in the general population aged 13 and over was nearly 64% in 2016. Thus, when gambling is so popular, it is natural to find ways to make money. . Fortunately, there are some interesting choices available.

What is SgamePro?

The SGame Pro platform has been designed as the first cryptocurrency-based gaming system that allows users to extract a crypto token and earn money at the same time by playing video games.

How to play SgamePro game, crypto mine to make money

Basically, it is the first mobile gaming aggregator that has been built in blockchain, giving users the freedom to easily exploit a crypto token by playing the most popular game in the world. One of the biggest announcements made by the company is their partnership with Pewdiepie, the world's most popular YouTube star.

If you really want to get involved in a video game platform, you can join them on Telegram and download and read all the white papers on the company's website. Not only that, but it is not SGame Pro supported by Eidoo and ICO Engine.

Game test or game test

These are jobs where large companies hire experienced players to test a game in the pre-launch phase. Testers follow certain guidelines that are provided to them by the company, and provide reports on all issues and the overall user experience. A certain degree of skill and expertise is required for this work. According to an article on The Work at Home-Wife, companies were looking for players near their headquarters, but nowadays remote testing is becoming popular.

Mining Tokens

The problems inherent in in-app purchases and security aspects of the online gaming industry have led many users and developers to search for solutions for blockchain technology. Companies like SGame Pro ™, a blockchain-based mobile game aggregator, are stepping up their efforts to deliver financial benefits to developers and gamers through their platform.

They have come up with a rewarding protocol called Proof-of-Play, which simulates a mining experience by rewarding players for their time and the effort they have put into the game on the blockchain platform. Gip Cutrino, founder and CEO of SGame Pro ™, says, "Our platform transforms single-player mobile games into multi-player games, which not only enhances the gaming experience, but also rewards players in the form of tokens SGM. used in all games on the platform and also to buy things on our market. "

SgamePro SGM Token ICO Details

There is a whitelist on the company website that you can also connect to. The name of the token is SGM or SGame Coin. Total chip sales were set at 194.5 mm, personal sales at 139.5 mm and sales at 55 million. The main sale of the chips will begin at the end of June 2018. The white list gives you information on everything that happens with the company, such as dates, statistics, specials and numbers.

The symbolic publisher is SGame SA, a company based in Switzerland. The symbol of the platform is SGM, which runs on the standard ERC20 platform used by Ethereum. The first symbolic sale of the company begins in June 2018 at a price in Chf from 10 days before the main symbolic sale. There is also an exchange rate for ETH / CHF which will start 24 hours before ICO.

The main motto used to run the platform is Ether, one of the mandatory parts of the project is KYC.

The "Special One" from SgamePro

And the most important of Sgame Pro is in my opinion in the system Sgame Pro itself has challenges with the setting, it means that we can get the SGM token by doing challenges. These Public Challenges will fight a random player with the level of skill, status and win or loss that is equal and in agreement with the player himself, so that the player who will be the opponent will later become fit and fair . for nominal issues only can be arranged any amount according to the wishes.

The company is designed to help players get prizes with their new token, SGM, while players play games to earn rewards for playing only. The games used are not generic games, they are among the most popular games on the market. This mainly includes mobile games for the most part. In addition, the SGM platform is essentially the only way to play the game through the system itself.

Basically, the platform is the only way to handle solutes or transactions across the platform. You can learn more about the powerful new technology on the company's SGamePro.io website, where they have all the information you need to start choosing the right game for you.

Here are the review that I present to you all to find information and know the project SGame Pro™ currently running by their team, if there is a lack of explanation of this article, do not worry, j I have set up a link for you specific information and of course you will be able to speak directly with their founder or team, at the link. For more information and to participate in social networking, 

SGame Pro ™.

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