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Bitcoin Origin — EVM based Proof-of-Ambassador Blockchain

Hello my dear friend. Greetings of peace and prosperity are always for all of you. At this meeting, I will discuss the meeting of the first ICO Multi-Forks project in the world with Blockchain without a server.

Well, for more details on all the working procedures of this project, follow all my notes below.

What is BITCOIN ORIGIN Project?

Bitcoin Origin is a platform that uses blocks to solve problems related to direct damage to users, poorly implemented loyalty programs and increased corporate responsibility due to too many loyalty programs using scores.
Bitcoin Origin integrates points into Bitcoin Origin (ORI) tokens and provides the user with a loyalty program. For the lowest cost with maximum security. In addition to reliability and low transaction costs, Bitcoin Origin uses block block technology to eliminate middlemen, providing users and partners with results that are easier to understand and make sense!

BITCOIN offers a solution to this problem using the ORIGIN locking technology. Due to low transaction costs and high security, BITCOIN ORIGIN provides tokens to convert BITCOIN ORIGIN scores (ORI) and user loyalty programs.

Consider how the project represents the value of the system and how it differs from a similar project block platform for integrating scores. All BITCOIN ORIGIN users can redeem their chips for points or mileage exchanges, partner program points for partnership programs for BITCOIN ORIGIN or vice versa. You can use Token BITCOIN ORIGIN to purchase program products connected to the user. Affiliate programs will benefit from more opportunities offered by marketing, promotion and shopping. Learn more https://www.bitcoinorigin.io/

The Features of BITCOIN ORIGIN

Basically, there are 5 features offered by Bitcoin Origin.
  1. Multilayer. Multi-layered is a feature that allows you to perform scale calculations on the hard-fork comparison.
  2. Multistate. Users can use their original tokens as cost and reward blocks, each with its own name, virtual machine, and Bitcoin Origin-supported ecosystem.
  3. Cross-Chain. Bitcoin Origin has developed a token based on ethereum, allowing the ethereum token converter to be a native token with a multi-state engine.
  4. Evidence of Ambasador. The Bitcoin Origin community that holds the ORI share token can Vote. And will campaign and be rewarded in accordance with the efforts of the campaign.
  5. Blockchain without server. With the network technology developed by Bitcoin Origin, all members of the public have the opportunity to present their own blockchain without a server. This blockchain is part of Network Validators (Ambassadors) of Bitcoin Origin.
Distribution Ecosystem of Bitcoin origin
Bitcoin Origin is setting up a free distribution system that will allow anyone (provided it meets minimum requirements) to benefit from participating in the Bitcoin Origin Network. About 15% of the total Bitcoin Origin supplements will be given to participants per year, prorated monthly.
5% of the cost is allocated to the validator. The remaining 95% is part of the original Bitcoin Distribution Distribution rewards collection. 95% is distributed equitably to all participants with the required minimum Bitcoin minimum, excluding trades.

Bitcoin Origin is Also a Global and Decentralized Platform

Used to manage cumulative points and loyalty programs. Analyzing a lot of different loyalty programs using points, the developer did not find a good application. This leads to direct damage to users, as well as loyalty programs that are not implemented successfully and increase the responsibilities of the company.

Bitcoin Origin offers a solution to this problem by using blocking technology. Because of low transaction costs and high security, Bitcoin Origin converts the score into Bitcoin Origin tokens (ORI) and offers users a very positive loyalty program.

What problems has the project completed and identified?

Increased corporate responsibility:

Unused points are recognized as liabilities. As customer points become less used, corporate responsibilities become more important and have a negative impact on their financial estimates.
Poor performance of the loyalty program: due to the low use of points, companies can not achieve the performance of the loyalty program, as expected. poor performance such as setting social costs for customers and businesses.

Complexity of control points:

On average, you are registered in 29 different point programs, which makes it difficult to control the points and the fact that the points expire. The benefits to be provided by this platform. Users and businesses can take advantage of the Bitcoin Original platform.

Users can redeem their points for Token Bitcoin Origin (ORI) or use their points on Shop Point. Users can quickly access promotions via an ad channel to access special ads from interested companies

Original Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin Origin Wallet will allow you to manage and integrate several partners at the same time. Businesses have access to more customers, allowing them to quickly sell their products to bookmarks.

Bitcoin Origin Exchange Model.

This exchange model will help companies effectively reduce their obligations. Partners can encourage greater loyalty to potential customers by using Original Bitcoin and Store Feed.

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