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IAGON - Revolutionize The Cloud


IAGON is a platform to take advantage of the storage capacity and processing power of multiple computers on the patented Blockchaingrid. IA to replace tostorebigdata files and pre-fail files, as well as smaller scales and as well. Artificial intelligence tool and machine learning operations, safely and an encrypted platform that integrates blockchain, cryptography and AI technologies in a user-friendly way. The size of the cloud services market provides storage capacity and computing capabilities for businesses and businesses is estimated at $ 45 billion per year and continues to grow.

IAGON is a platform for harnessing the storage and processing power of multiple computers on a decentralized Blockchain grid. IAGON uses and allows the storage of large data files and repositories, as well as smaller file scales, and the realization of complex computing processes, such as those required for artificial intelligence and machine learning operations. Cryptographic and AI technologies in a user-friendly way.

The market is dominated by four major players: AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft and IBM, all using central and unreliable storage and computing resources. Because of their oligopolistic dominance, the four cloud service providers set a high price level. These vendors are also able to prevent competition and prevent new entrants from competing with them because of their large-scale operations and large investments in data centers, servers, and storage facilities.

What Technology Will Be Used on the IAGON Platform?

Thus, the feasibility and effectiveness of IAGON services will be ensured by a combination of these technologies:

  1. Artificial intelligence. The platform will use a combination of AI algorithms, machine learning and neural networks.
  2. Built-in DApps for all types of users.
  3. Mining. IAGONE users may receive revenue from shared resources, including when they provide computing power to store information.
  4. Smart contract. All actions on the platform will be governed by a smart contract, in addition, each user can create his own "smart" agreement in a simple and intuitive interface.
  5. Decentralization. It's not even a technology, but the operating principle, which will be complemented by patented encryption and data segmentation algorithms.
  6. Hybrid ecosystems are based on blocking and tangle (tangle, confusion) technology, which rebuilds the cloud storage industry.

The Advantages of the IAGON Platform
  • Use of double locking. On the platform, it would be possible to work with several blocks of chain, store them, for example, on the Ethereum block system and in the Tangled ecosystem. It's an added value for security and reliability;
  • he use of IAGON SECURE LAKE technology, which involves unencrypted encryption, multiple file partitions and the storage of anonymous and encrypted small information. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to store not only text files, but also scanned copies, photos, video files.
Iagon Crowdfunding Efforts

How It Works
  • Decentralized and secure cloud platform Develop a single solution for a decentralized cloud service.
  • Artificial intelligence: We use a combination of machine learning algorithms, neural networks and blockchain technology to secure our platform.
  • Integrated DPS: A reliable and integrated decentralization application relies on a platform for each type of user.
  • Mining: Earn revenue by sharing your computing resources, including processing and storage.
  • Smart Contract: Anyone can create their own smart contract on the easy-to-use interface without writing lines of code.
  • Decentralized safe: Storage Our exclusive, secure, and encrypted distributed storage solutions use blockchain and sharding protocols.
  • Blockchain: Using Blockchain and Tangle hybrid technology, we are seeking to revolutionize the storage and processing of decentralization.


Sept. 2017

Platform Design 
& Architecture

Oct. 2017
Platform Development 
Kick Off

Nov. 2017
Whitepaper Presentation

Dec. 2017
Platform Launch

May. 2018
Pre Sale

May. 2018
Smart Contract

Jul. 2018
Main Sale

Aug. 2018
Distributed Storage

Nov. 2018
Distributed Processing

Jan. 2019
Integrated DApps

The Iagon platform has positioned itself as a reliable and efficient data storage service - an alternative to existing centralized systems. This project offers some interesting ideas: for example, traditional combinations of blockcheyna with "confusion", and using the maynerskih table storage capacity. Unfortunately, the project does not have much information about the network, but rather enjoys the Icoholder service, which, after carefully studying the essence of a startup, ranked it 4.12 out of 5 stars.

There have been days when, before enthusiastically seeking to advance the cryptocurrency market as it is currently known, I sat down and imagined the future of technology. I imagine a world in which data is fully secure and data breaches are no longer a threat, so I imagined IAGON.

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