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POSICOIN - Is The Hottest Cryptocurrency Project in Japan

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Today we are going to talk about a very interesting project. The founders of this project claim that it is currently one of the most popular Japanese cryptographic projects in Japan. The project revolves around a fictional character called "Posi Hame-kun", similar to Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Dragon Ball and others. The character is said to be very popular in Japanese pop culture online and they plan to develop the character into a viable business with the help of the Posicoin Initiative. Especially with Posicoin, they hope to raise funds to be able to position Hame-kun Posis in animes, mangas and games.

What is POSICOIN? What is Manga? Hmm...What is Anime? Let's find out more.

Japan is a country of immense desire where there are not huge establishments also in the field of gambling that they are not late. They have actually produced favorite personalities such as Super Mario, Pokeman, Hi Cat and Dragon Sphere. Japanese ANIME, as well as MANGA, is an industry and the size of the market exceeds 300 billion dollars. A brand new, prominent personality was born in Japan and a crypto currency will bear his name. That's why POSICOIN will certainly be the best crypto currency in Japan. This adorable character will certainly appear in computer animation movies, video games and also comics.

This project began in February 2018, and we opened our divide and also made our drops and we actually held different opportunities for customers. In order for us to be able to get the area depends on what is essential in any crypto money as well as in another area of ​​life, we took the time to feed our area, we did not offer any space for a promotional activity that has been the recent problem.

Posicoin Owners

It is expected that the POSICOIN will certainly receive great recognition from many individuals in the computer animation (ANIME) and also in the comics (MANGA) after being able to develop an excellent reputation. We will therefore allow POSICOIN's contents of charm (KAWAII) to appear on many supports and to offer a good material for the market.

We are also more likely to develop a platform that could make use of making use of POSICOIN as well as expanding its use. We will also work together with different participation with different media in the future.

What is the Distribution Mode?

What is surprising in this project is that they do not make ICO, the reason is that ICOs are illegal and banned in Japan. Instead, they completely release PosiCoin through various community building projects, such as referrals and other activities they still plan. As I said above, it is still very early in the development phase. So, if you join the chain of contention, you will become the lucky few who will be considered the pioneers of the project.

In the mechanics of the easy lottery. They will give you 100 times the level of experience you have in discord. This means that if you have level 1 as the activity level in the decomposition channel, you will receive 100 Posicoins. If you reach level 30, you will get 3000 Posicoins. You earn points simply by chatting and in fact you get more air drops. But it depends on a computer system to choose from the top 500 to be rewarded, but not everyone will win. In addition, in addition to making Posicoin simply be chatty channel disorder, you can also win through the challenge invitation. It's a lot easier to explain if you join our channel.

The Reality of Posicoin

This business started in Japan with Japanese developers and developers. There are no ICOs for reasons of illegal ICO in Japan and tokens must be distributed through the air or any compensation provided by the group. Posicon can be exchanged Forkdelta.io.

Token Name: POSICOIN
Sort: ERC20 Token
Symbol Ticker: POSI
The most extreme supply: 334,000,000
How posicoin functions: 40% token will be delivered unconditionally, 10% will be used commercially, 20% for business, 20% for post betting and 10% more for the head.


More Information About Posicoin :
Website : https://posicoin.org
Whitepaper : https://posicoin.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/POSICOIN_whitepaper_2018_eng.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/posicoin
Twitter : https://twitter.com/posicoin
Telegram : https://t.me/posicoin
Intagram : https://www.instagram.com/posicoin

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