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Streamity - An Honest and Absolutely Transparent Service for Exchanging Crypto Currency for Fiat Money Without Intermediaries

STREAMITY is the first P2P platform ready to protect transactions with smart contracts. Streamity is a group of Streamdesks, which provide for the exchange of crypto currencies for fiduciary currencies using smart contracts in complete security. The growth rate of the blockchain currency may relate to FOREX in 3 years. As this rapid growth, currency circle will make a big earthquake in the real market. It brings simple transactions, everything is open, each member can read and witness each exchange. This changes a complicated and time-consuming business to be easy without an intermediary.

There is a solution and it’s in Streamity. This platform is not just a simple crypto exchange: instead, this project creates from scratch its own high performance cryptocurrency portal. The platform is designed to comply with regulations and different legislations to ensure that it will be head and shoulders above other crypto exchanges. So, at first glance, the platform is definitely a separate league. And that’s why we decided to review Streamity and its next ICO.

A team of developers and professional engineers has developed a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, Streamity, with the aim of giving priority to cryptocurrency users, both individuals and communities. Their main objective was to help develop the security of the crypto community. In order to make Streamity a powerful source of technological information, its developers have included all aspects of Blockchain technology to develop and distribute it massively for free. The use of intelligent architecture and the API payment system has allowed this P2P service to be secure and independent for its users.

About Streamity

The Streamity project appears to be a multifunctional distributed exchange that provides users with all the standard features expected from a cryptocurrency. The most interesting aspect of the Streamity project is the fact that it plans to create a completely decentralized way to transfer both cryptocurrency and currency without the need for a centralized third party.

While cryptocurrencies are a very efficient way of transferring value, most of all crypto-exchanges are currently carried out on centralized exchanges. This creates problems when regulators intervene, as in the case of Coinbase in the US states of Wyoming and Hawaii.

In this particular case, Coinbase has not been able to fulfill the regulatory obligations that these states must fulfill and has therefore suspended the accounts of all users of these sites until a workaround can be put in place. point. All of these users now have crypto assets stored on the Coinbase wallet system frozen without recourse. The decentralized nature of the Streamity project avoids this problem by allowing users to connect and trade directly with each other without the risks associated with traditional centralized trading.

StreamDesk Key Features

  • Smart Contract
  • The free Crypto community
  • Confidentiality in Payments / Transactions
  • Low Commission in Transaction
  • Simple and Easy in the process of Crypto Transaction
  • Legality of operation is assured
  • The services provided are balanced with the exchange rate.

Streamity Features

The Streamity platform is strongly focused on regulatory compliance and follows the principles of Know Your Customer. Smart contracts are also at the heart of Streamity's development team, as is anonymity. Interestingly, Streamity has adopted an approach that minimizes commissions, with commissions ranging from 0% to 2%.

In addition to providing users with a completely decentralized trading and currency transfer method, Streamity also offers a complete cryptocurrency database. Streamity.org will provide a market analysis.

Benefits of STM Token

The Token STM will begin trading on Crypto's primary exchange, which will allow it to be available to new users and allow investors to sell it instantly.

The development of Streamity services and the inclusion of new users will create demand for stable STMs, where the STM token has unlimited potential for exchange rate growth with Fiat's currencies and cryptocurrency.

Token Type:ERC20
Available for sale:110,200,000 STM (70%)
Total supply:186,000,000 STM

In order to launch StreamDesk DAPP, a P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform, Streamity has introduced STM tokens to collect funds. The company used the ERC20 standards to use the Ethereum platform to release STM tokens. These tokens will be published in strictly limited numbers, 186 million only. The ICO will be qualified as complete after the sale of all its chips. The value of a VTS will be $ 0.2. You can buy these tokens in exchange for several international and digital currencies, including LTC, BTC, ETC, ETH, EUR and USD, etc.

STM ICO will be sold in two phases. Its first phase will begin on March 12, 2018 and will continue until March 25, 2018. In this phase of sale of ICO, 100 million STM will be sold at a price of $ 0.2 excluding premiums.

Phase 2 of the sale of ICO will start on 16.04.2018 and end on 29.04.2018. The hard limit of the token that will be launched in the second phase will be 25 million STM at a rate of $ 0.2, not counting bonuses.

The distribution of STM tokens will include 70% for ICO sales participants, 25% for the Streamity developer team, 3% for reward programs and 2% for partners and advisors. 40% of the revenues collected will be devoted to the development of a single product, StreamDesk. 25% will be devoted to marketing and 25% will be kept in capital reserve while 10% will be reserved for financial and auditing expenses.

In order to get more information on the sale of STM tokens by ICO, you can visit https://streamity.org/ anytime.

Distribution of STM Token 
(Sources: https://streamity.org/)

StreamDesk is a separate solution, a service aimed at crypto exchange for non-intermediate currencies, under smart contracts. StreamDesk will also ensure the exchange of cryptocurrencies, with maximum security and efficiency, is suitable for most cryptoes on the market.

The purchase of the STM Token during ICO takes place has a value in accordance with the market.
  • Users interested in Steramity services, they receive a lower token price compared to the price during service launches which gives them significant savings when using Streamity service.
  • Crypto Investors, they can make a profit from selling STM Token on the market or Using STM Token as a component that poses little risk to their investment.

Through StreamDesk system Users can buy and sell cryptocurrency. That’s a similar purchase / sales mechanism. Client role is different.
  1. In our cryptocurrency application terminology means goods.
  2. Buyer means someone who buys cryptocurrency. The seller means someone sells it
  3. The operation of the application is only allowed for authorized users.
  4. Each user may act as both Seller and Buyer.
  5. All information about requests where users participate or participate may be obtained in the user’s personal account.


May 2017
Creation of Streamity project ideas

August 2017
The prototype of StreamDesk is complete
Backend and user accounts are developed

QI 2018
ICO Begins
Launch StreamDesk and marketing campaigns

Q2 2018
Educational, information and analytical launches and investment resources STREAMITY

Q4 2018
Launch and exchange of cryptocurrency

Q2 2019
Launch Streamity Mobile version

Q4 2019
Creation of own payment system and integration with STREAMDESK service


The Streamity  Team

Come and join with us!

One page.https://streamity.org/uploads/docs/en/OnePage_Streamity_en.pdf

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