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TIP Blockchain - User-friendly Cryptocurrency

In the blockchain world, there are many projects, one of which will be discussed is the blockchain bout. Immediately without further ado it is a TIP blockchain review.

TIP is the only platform that addresses mass adoption issues using a holistic approach to discovery, and creating applications that connect end-users to businesses. TTip is a third generation Blockchain that connects users via peer-to-peer networks, and merchants with payment solutions that facilitate the transaction using cryptocurrency.

About TIP Blockchain

Tip is the only platform that deals with the massive adoptions, using a complete approach to the point of view of discovery and the application of the building that connects users with the business. This will provide a solution that can be used by both users and retailers in today's cripta transaction. The adoption of a massive criptaur party can not wait for two or three years. This must happen now! Why is Token TIP required?

Cryptocurrency trading today, it still requires technical knowledge, a private key, a public key, an email address, a telephone, a synchronization, a node and a few new terms. This is an obstacle to the adoption of this without undoubtedly slowing the absorption of crip transparency by the masses . HOW TO Believe what is necessary to make the world market a crew of reality that the whole experience is easy and well-known.

All technical details of the sub-protocol should be abstracted by the average user, as well as using a cryptographic condition as natural as the use of social media. The ability of users to find information and other users on the network is very important. One important. The catalyst for the extraordinary Internet and user is the appearance of search engines, which makes it easier for users to find useful information in the worldwide world. The problem of the invention in the block is analogous. If the user can find other users, content and information in general, many applications that can be built on this foundation provide value to more users. This is Tip's fundamental problem to solve. Type must make the network fully indexed, searchable and decentralized, which can request information, so as to solve the problem of discovery on the block chain. With the problem the invention in the block lock solved by our platform, we can begin to build a special solution to both users and the business.

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Why is it called TIP Token?

Token TIP, is a unit of account in scoring advice. Tokens are the currency of the original in the network, until they are used to pay for the transaction, storage, and processing of other members of the network.

It is the token utility that users can use to transfer between peer to peer and very peaceful. Token Tip could be to buy goods in the real world with traders who receive TIP Tokens. To save data to the Decentralization Tip database. To pay the costs of the transaction in the network. Give developers a reward for making applications that work on Tip Network.

To choose delegates to secure the mesh. For the delegation to stake parts and get gifts to fix the mesh. Platform Tip provides the ecosystem that will allow users to purchase digital goods and services on the platform, as well as real-world goods from merchants who accept Tip tokens.

This is why the Council is working on this main goal and proposing solutions to solve the problem immediately. This is how we will achieve the massive adoption of crypto currency, starting in 2018.


The main features of TIP are:

  1. Smart address: The first solution presented by Tip is an address or alias address that is unique and easy to use.
  2. Market Solutions: The point of sale system for merchants is used to receive customers' cryptocurrency payments, saving transaction and time costs.
  3. Transaction metadata: Metadata allows the storage of random data that a user chooses to specify. Storing metadata on Blockchain Tip supports both private and public data. Public metadata will be stored in plain text on the network, as such will be accessible to anyone on the network. Personal data will be encrypted by the caller and stored on the network. This data can only be decrypted and viewed by the owner of the private key, the owner of the account. Arbitrary data attached to transactions can be used for a variety of purposes, including identifying information, payment notes, receipt confirmation, and more.
  4. Research and discovery: Tip Blockchain is a fully indexed and searchable platform. Users can then find other users and content on the network by searching the data using a client application. Developers will be able to create decentralized applications (DApps) that store and access this information over the network. DApps will be able to create their own custom fields and protocols to extend the usability of the platform.
  5. Peer-to-peer instant messaging: Instant messaging will be a key feature of the application, since Tip's main goal is to encourage mass adoption of Blockchain Tip, and instant messaging provides a way to do so. Users will be able to send transactions directly from an email conversation or by using a traditional wallet interface. Users can also find other users or companies with usernames (aliases) by searching the network and adding contacts from their address book. Different messaging formats will be supported, including: Text message, picture messages, Voice messages, Animated gif  dan Video call.
  6. Mobile wallets and light office: The Lightweight Wallet makes sure to connect to the Tip network and start sending transactions wherever you are.

Goals TIP Blockchain

The goal of the tip is to provide a solution to start the process of adoption of the mass market. Since Etherhé does not provide an elegant solution for storing offline or off-line data, the Ethereum Tip solution will be combined with an off-line distributed database that will provide name registration, indexing, and information. Once Tip Blockchain is expanded, the data stored outside the chain will be migrated to the new blockchain. A snapshot of the network state will be used in the creation of the genesis block. The ERC20 TIP token will then be converted to a new network token one for one.

About The Token

Some uses of TIP tokens are:
  • Transfer between peer.
  • Buy goods in the real world with merchants receiving TIP.
  • Back up the data to the Decentralization Tips database.
  • pay transaction fees on the network.
  • Give rewards to developers to build applications running on Tip Network
  • Choose a delegate to secure the network.
  • For delegates to put their coins at stake and get prizes to secure the network.
It's the tip of the blockchain thing. can be helpful for all of us, especially investors interested in joining the success of the project.

Token Type: Ethereum ERC20 
Purchase with: ETH 
Base Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 TIP 
Hard Cap: 50,000 ETH


We are writing this post just as a promotional tool. For more information, please contact:

WEBSITE: https://tipblockchain.io
WHITE BOOKS: https://tipblockchain.io/docs/Tip%20Blockchain%20-%20Community%20Whitepaper.pdf
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tip-blockchain-network
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TipNetworkio
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tipblockchain/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TipBlockchain
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TipBlockchain
Telegram: https://t.me/TipBlockchain

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